Private lessons address the individual needs of a player on a one on one basis.


1 - Hour Long Private Lesson - $70

5 - 1 Hour Private Lessons - $325

10 - 1 Hour Private Lessons - $575

1 - 1/2 Hour Private Lesson - $40

5 - 1/2 Hour Lessons - $175

10 - 1/2 Hour Lessons - $300

**Hour lessons can be applied to data driven lessons as well**


Rapsodo Baseball Technology is available at our facility.  This technology gives you data regarding your launch angle, speed off the bat, distance traveled, etc.  These lessons are the same price as our regular private lessons, but they do require an hour lesson due to the fact that there is set up time as well as time taken between swings to view data.  If you book a lesson online and would like a data driven lesson, please follow up your booking with an email to to let us know you would like for your lesson to include Rapsodo Baseball.



Cage rentals are available for either individuals or teams.  Teams can also opt to have our coaches assist for an additional fee.  We have Iron Mike pitching machines available as well as sling pitch and manual feed machines.  Perfect for when the weather is bad.

Individual Cage Rental..........................$15/Hour

Team Facility Rental .................................$10/player (2 Hours)

***Lesson pacakges expire 1 year from the date of purchase***