Your First Time Using this Service?

Your user name is the student's first and last name all lower case (ie. johnsmith).  Your initial password is 1234 which can be changed once you login to our system.  If you have more than one child who share an account for lessons, the user name is only of the the student's names.

How to Book Your Appointment
  1. Login using your child's first and last name and password (see above note about initial login)

  2. Choose a lesson duration

  3. Choose a date

  4. Choose a time

  5. Pay (If you already have a package it will automatically assign the lesson to your package.  Otherwise, you can either buy a package or pay for an individual lesson online at the time of booking.)


****Note - If you have a package of 1/2 hour lessons, but would like to book an hour using two of your 1/2 lessons in 1 lesson, you can do so.  However, you will have to book two separate back-to-back 1/2 hour lessons.  The system will not allow you to book a 1 hour lesson and apply it to a package of 1/2 hour lessons.
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