Your First Time Using this Service?

If you are a client already in our system your login should default to your email address and 12345 for your password. (This is especially important if you have packages in our system that you want to book lessons through).  Once you login for the first time, it should prompt you to change your password.  If you are a new client with us you can create a new account and create your own login information.

How to Book Your Appointment

  1. Login or set up a new account

  2. Purchase a package or lesson from the Book Now Home Page (unless you already have a package with lessons left)

  3. Click on the "Appointments" tab.

  4. Choose a lesson duration (or event from the left column)

  5. Choose a date for your lesson

  6. Choose a time for your lesson

  7. Choose the package to apply the lesson to.

  8. Click Continue


****Note - If you have a package of 1/2 hour lessons, but would like to book an hour using two of your 1/2 lessons in 1 lesson, you can do so.  However, you will have to book two separate back-to-back 1/2 hour lessons.  The system will not allow you to book a 1 hour lesson and apply it to a package of 1/2 hour lessons.